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"There’s so many things that I could say But I’m sure it would come out all wrong You’ve got something that I can’t explain Still I’ll try and try and let you know The first summer we spent, one will never forget Looking for any kind of reason to escape all the mess That we thought was what made us Ain’t it funny now, we can see We’re who we’re meant to be You still have all of my You still have all of my You still have all of my heart"

my campers were awesome and made me realize so much about myself..they were amazing and I love all of them…they gave me this magnet thing for being a counselor this week and I cried guys…I haven’t had happy tears in a year (legit a year) and that was amazing…there were 20ish kids that got saved and I’m just so happy about all of it…God is awesome..He’s even changed me more this week..I’m more headstrong about things..I don’t let things get to me anymore…which is insanely good…I have this one camper that attached to me and it makes me so happy…and I even talked to her about coming to youth on Wednesday when it starts back up <33 I’m so happy :) there was 2 girls in our dorm that got saved and one guy in my team that got saved.. :D he was my favorite camper :D Gosh I’m gonna miss these kids..

now to discuss other stuff….so guys..Beau and me are friends now. It makes me happy…I’ve missed him as a FRIEND…(notice the caps thing..it’s kind of a reminder to me that nothing is going farther than that….ever…well maybe not ever but there’s a lot he needs to change before that happens) We talked a lot and he hung out with our team during the peanut butter passage game thing and we goofed off and it was nice for things to feel better and normal with him again…he said it was nice of me to talk to him first…cause he still thought that I didn’t wanna talk to him…which the main reason I didn’t want to was because of Brandon and well that’s over so yeah..I don’t care to talk to him now..he’s a decent guy whenever you look past all the crap he put me through….and I’m supposed to forgive completely and I did that…again…to him this week and it feels good…Andrea isn’t mad at me for it either and that makes me even more happy..she says if I think I can handle it than it’s okay..Tina doesn’t like the idea cause she thinks I’ll get hurt again..and nothing happened this week so I’m happy…I’m like bam! I am strong enough to handle this..anyways…different topic now..me and Kayla fought too much though :C and me and Abby reconnected it a way…I bonded with a few people actually and yeah..it was nice…for the first time in a long time I felt like everything was going to be okay..with everything..

counselors kinda annoyed me this week…they never did their job…ugh..the same people cleaned every night and I was like jkgvlaglkfd oknokdjlkdjlk…yeah…it made me that mad.

I’ll probably vent more to my personal blog later..I can’t really say everything here…

Posted: Fri July 20th, 2012 at 6:44pm
Tagged: personal victoria god clbc